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Ma'Empress TV Show

A true reflection of women’s circles?

BY Agnes Amondi

Sep 07, 2021, 10:29 AM

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If you ever got to watch Ma'Empress, the half an hour show on Maisha Magic East, then you might agree to disagree when it comes to the personalities of women there are in women’s groups.

If you haven’t watched it, let me give you a few lines of what Ma'Empress was about. The show revolved around five women. Renne, Zawadi, Tasha, Eve and Crystal, portrayed the daily struggles of women living in an urban environment. What held them together despite their different pursuits in life is their friendship. To find out more about the characters, go here

But there is something more to be said about this. Is this an accurate portrayal of the personalities in women’s grouping?

The Nerd

This one-woman never fails to be part of these groups. In Ma'Empress, Tasha was the brainy one. The one who will always use logic in everything. When the rest have gone into panic mode, she’s either thought of something already or always seems to have a go-to plan. She is the one who’ll always be sought out for advice and the group will tend to run with what she says. From the movies, she’s also the most educated of her peers. Normally graduated from law school or some IT course.
Do you have this one in your group?   

The Working Mum

The one who always has her plate full. Never getting a break from anything. Whether it’s running around trying to pay the bills or rushing to school because one of her kids has been summoned to the principal’s office, the working mum always seems to be just a minute away from a breakdown. 

She’s also the one who’ll more often than not be apologizing for cancelling on the other four because she has an impromptu meeting to rush to. She’ll mostly apologize heartily and promise to rush back. She probably won’t make it and if she does, the party will be long over.

The Tomboy

OK. The tomboy might not always be in all the groups but more than a handful will have this character. Tasha is the one in Ma'Empress. She’s clearly easy to spot because of her dressing. Usually in pants with a short haircut. More often than not, they’ll be super good at something - academics but will struggle to hold the candle on the other women when it comes to fashion and beauty. She will long to be cherished for something more. Unfortunately, she won’t quite make it.

The Beauty Queen

Please go watch Ma'Empress now because this right here is Crystal. She will do just about anything to always get that perfect look. She may not even have a job and might be a plus one in one of her friends’ apartments but she desires to live an exclusive lifestyle.
Social media is the one thing she got complete mastery in. Everything she does is documented in a selfie or a video always ready to go up on instastories or IGTV. The portrayal of this type normally insinuates that she is academically inept. She doesn’t have time for logical thinking and more often than not will seek to do the “practical” or the more convenient thing for the moment.  

I’m sure you all know this girl.

The One Who's Figured Out

Then there is the one who has everything figured out. This is Renee. Has a job, a husband, a kid or two. If not, she is engaged and kids have come up in numerous conversations with her soon to be husband. By the way, the man in her life is super committed. He won’t dare stray. This woman often comes to the rescue of the others. Usually, can be counted on. 

If you are in this kind of group, which character are you? What about your friends? Talk to us.

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