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3 Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Hard

Its not for everybody

BY Julia QA

Jan 25, 2023, 07:33 AM

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Achraf Alan

Why are long- distance relationships hard? For some folks, distance is the ultimate test. For some couples, it serves to deepen their love and dedication to one another. However the truth is long distance relationships are not easy. In fact, they are harder and the probability of them working out is lower.

I’ve never met anyone who was ecstatic that their lover lived 6 hours away. Although in the beginning, it can be easily romantic, mysterious even, eventually the long distance gets hard and it can test your strength as well as your trust within your relationship. Here are three harsh facts about long-distance relationships from someone who has tried it.

Lack of physical intimacy

According to an english proverb, being apart makes the heart grow fonder. There is always a but, though. Nearly all relationships are built on intimacy and physical contact. It helps a pair stay closer together and has the power to create or break a relationship. Physical touch is prohibited in long-distance relationships, which is one of their cruel realities. There are, of course, methods to deal with or live with your partner's absence, such as scheduling regular meetups, but the sad truth is that moments will always seem brief and fleeting. When you just met again, it will always feel like you are parting ways. Are you prepared to deal with the anguish of frequent separation for as long as your relationship lasts apart? Will you be able to tolerate not having your bodily and/or sexual demands met whenever you want?

It gets lonely

People in long-distance relationships frequently experience loneliness, especially when they encounter other couples engaging in public displays of affection. It indeed feels lonely. Instead of seeing each other regularly like a couple should, it will feel like you are on different planets and leading separate lives. They won't be able to hear every amusing story, practical joke, or fascinating tidbit you just heard. Above all, people won't be able to determine if you're upset, angry, or joyful just by looking at you. Sad as it may be, that is the reality of long-distance relationships. Every time you see a couple going about their daily business, enjoying a stroll, or even bickering, you will feel a pang and wish it were you. Yes, calls, texts, videos, and images are helpful, but they are never quite the same.

Out of sight, out of mind

Living apart will inevitably result in growing apart, which is another difficult reality of long-distance relationships to take into account. It will eventually be like running into old pals you haven't seen in a while, and you'll wonder why you ever became friends. You will also wonder how and why you first fell in love. Every time you interact, you'll pick up on some fresh, repulsive behaviors. Each of you will have unique acquaintances, residences, and routines. Eventually, you will think, "Hell, let's have various partners."