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3 Reasons I'm Jealous Of Men

And only one is that they don't get periods

BY Pauline Katethya

Mar 03, 2021, 04:58 PM

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I envy men. Men walk without a care in the world. They don’t care about sweaters, umbrellas, hair, clothes… nothing. The world could be ending and they’ll be on the sofa watching football, waiting for the son of man to come down. But for us, we will be rushing everywhere trying to find our children, their favorite blankets, and which spices and wine glasses we are allowed to carry to heaven.

I know men have their challenges but they seem to have it easy. They can spread their legs in public and get ready in like five minutes. When they sleep with 50 women, no one will label them a hoe. People will be praising them as if they killed Goliath. Here’s why they seem to have it easy.

They Don’t Worry About Their Body

Men don’t have menses and freaking cramps. They don’t take birth control pills. They don’t give birth. They don’t worry about pimples. They don’t worry about infections because they pee while standing… Yaani wako tu. If they knew the pain we go through they would be bowing their heads as we walk by and patting our backs. What happened to the male pill? I wish we lived in an era where women are like: "Babe remember to take the pill, I don’t want to get pregnant." It’s even worse that we are the ones to deal with the side effects, like hormonal imbalance, spotting, and weight gain.

We age faster than men and even menopause knocks on our door early. We will work out but the results will appear faster on a man’s body. We will struggle on what to wear on a date and how to impress a man. Before weddings, we will be taught how to take care of a man, how to please him, and whatnot. But are men taught about taking care of us. About pleasing and satisfying our needs?

Kitchen Is A No Go Zone 

We were raised knowing we belong in the kitchen. We have to cook, clear the tables and clean everything. Most men were however raised knowing that they don’t belong in the kitchen. Some will barely enter the kitchen, and when they are hungry, they’d rather starve than prepare something. Someone can live in a house for send years, but they won’t know where the foil or the wine glasses are. It’s not unusual for someone to eat and leave their dirty plate on the table. They know someone will pick it up when they are done. 

During holidays and family events, it’s the women who will do most work. Men will slaughter, roast the meat and relax as they take a cold beer. But you will wake up at 6 AM, prepare mandazi, cook six meals for 15 people, by the time you are done, your back is almost breaking into two.

It’s A Man’s World 

A man is powerful. He is the head, but many a time they have taken advantage of this. They will get away with anything simply because they are men. If a man is assertive at the workplace, it won’t be a bother. People will say he is doing his job. If a woman is, she’ll be labelled loud, bossy or moody. Some will even say she is in that time of the month.

If a man at the age of 45 dates a younger girl at 23 society won’t point fingers at him. They’ll congratulate him for settling down with a younger and beautiful woman. But at 30, date a younger man and you’ll hear what friends and family will say about you. The societal expectations and double standards are quite disheartening. I wish we would be allowed to live our life however we want them to.

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