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Shamiso Mosaka Talks Ghosted: Love Gone Missing

Has the "love of your life" ever just disappeared into thin air?

BY Naledi K

Aug 17, 2021, 12:31 PM

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There’s nothing nice about ghosts. At their worst, they are scary as hell and at their best, we are never sure if they are even here. That’s why the concept of ghosting is one most of us wish we never find ourselves in. Sharing some insight on the concept of ghosting people, as the host of the latest MTV reality show, Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, Shamiso Mosaka gave us the 411.

If this is the first time you are hearing about people - that are very much alive - becoming ghosts, then where have you been? If you are on social media, the term is probably not new to you. 

Ghosting is explained by MTV as being the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone suddenly, and without explanation, withdrawing from all communication.

In other words, becoming Casper the Ghost, missus “Now you see me, Now you don’t! At its core, the practice is just plain rude. Why would you just cut people off without explanation or at least a goodbye? Does giving people closure bother you that much? However, beneath the surface, the act of ghosting people is tied to deeper psychological factors that have to do with the kind of person you are.

Since most people won’t volunteer to read about it, MTV decided to give Mzansi a reality show to help them see the effects of being ghosted on people and help the country understand the rationale used by people who ghost others.

YAZA got a chance to speak to one of the hosts of the show, Shamiso, who saw first-hand the effect ghosting has on people.

Daughter of veteran and respected media personality Azania Mosaka, Shamiso is no stranger to the TV screen and having recently been announced as a member of the MTV Base Culture Squad, continues to make her mark as a force in culture.

Talking about the concept of ghosting, Shamiso said it reeked cowardice to her.
“I personally don’t agree with ghosting at all. I think it’s quite cowardly and often leaves people with a lot of self-doubt and self-esteem issues. Why not just tell someone that you’re gonna distance yourself and why?” she asked.
The MTV star said as far as relationships go, she’s never been ghosted or became a ghost but she thinks she'd be seriously “crushed” if that ever happened to her. Shamiso said she believed that simply disappearing into thin air after having been a part - no matter how big - of someone’s life was rooted in disrespect and a lack of common decency.

“I’ve never ghosted or been ghosted! Hence my views on it. I’d honestly be crushed if it ever happened to me and I think the universe knows that! I think people should man/woman up and be honest. There’s a level of common decency I feel we owe people that we’re in any sort of relationship with,” she said. 

Shamiso’s ability to be empathetic, her curious mind and her emotional intelligence are some of the qualities that made her perfect for a gig that revolves around heartbreak. However, the 22-year-old jokingly added that she doubts that she would have the right advice for people who are “haunted” by ghosts because personally, she would hunt her ghost down.

“Haha, my advice may not be the best because I would definitely show up to where you are and ask for answers!" Shamiso said jokingly.
"But on a serious note, I think it’s important to remind yourself that you aren’t to blame for how people treat you. Don’t doubt yourself or your worth,” the star added.
Shamiso also added how she thought it was totally uncool that social media seems to have portrayed ghosting as cool/savage or just acceptable behaviour when it is actually not.

“I don’t think it’s okay at all! Social media has normalised the idea of not being accountable or having common decency towards people and I think it’s immature and impractical," Shamiso said.
"I don’t get why people would want to normalise behaviour that they personally wouldn’t want to experience themselves. We all need to show one another some care and understanding,” she added.
The teaser for the show proved that there’s an appetite for the show and while Mzansi is certainly excited for the show, none is more excited than Shamiso and her co-host Oros Mampofu.

“Being part of the Culture Squad has been a great experience and being the first host for Ghosted in Africa is literally the cherry on top. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me in this industry, I’m definitely feeling very blessed,” Shamiso said.

In what is expected to be a dramatic first season, viewers can catch the premiere exclusively on MTV Africa (DStv Channel 130) on Monday 16 August at 21:30 CAT.