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Of Women and the FIFA World Cup

We are here for it!

BY Agnes Amondi

Nov 18, 2022, 08:35 AM

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Whenever the FIFA World Cup or any global football tournament is about to start, women are usually given tips on how to survive the football madness because its all their boyfriends and husbands will be focused on.

You can keep him company even if you aren’t interested or try and engage with the subject by learning a few names here and there and the ideas go on. Yours truly reads this with a sigh because not all women are football averse. There are women who live for moments like this. 

They understand the sport, know the names and will tell you a lot about tactics, positioning and everything about the game. Before I forget, they know how to cash in on betting. If you are one of them, here’s something for you. 

We enjoy the world cup just as much. My jersey is already lined up and raring for the kick-off whistle on Sunday 20 for Qatar vs Ecuador. We will be caught in the festivities for the next four weeks unapologetically. We will be rushing through traffic to get home, as you used to before Maria ended, just in time for the seven O’Clock game.

We will own the remote control to watch the games, starting with the pre-game analysis. Unless you are contributing to the football conversation, please let us enjoy the commentary and whatever the pundits say, whether it makes sense or not. 

Whenever a goal is scored, especially by a team we support, we will loudly celebrate regardless of the time. If it's at night, sorry but maybe we aren’t so sorry. Our wardrobes will change from just having chiffon blouses to jerseys. We might even wear jerseys for countries we don’t necessarily support but don’t mind supporting. 

When we want to, we’ll watch the games from the comfort of our homes but we can still get social and watch with the crowd. We will banter about how the player ran down the flank and nutmegged the opponent for hours after the game ended. I’ve not even mentioned how the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) leaves us analysing invisible lines. 

We will make predictions and bet on them. It might make us some money and in equal measure lose us some money. The next day, we will repeatedly watch the highlights of a match we watched and still be excited as though we don’t know how it all ended.

When the team we support loses, we’ll still thump our chests and believe they’ll win the next game. They say it’s not over until it's over, meaning unless they are knocked out of the competition, we still believe.

We are going to sing the theme song for the world cup and dance to it. I know the tune of the French national anthem La Marseillaise, America’s and others. This also goes for other infectious football chants and celebrations. We all know the one catchphrase we’ll hear until the nation is knocked out and if they win, we'll never hear the end of "It’s coming…" You guessed right.

When we hype a player, it is because we know how good they are and a little appreciation never hurt anyone. It’s not because of their looks or body. We are here to watch football.

Our social media handles might be full of pictures of where we’ve been to, to watch the game. If we are lucky enough to be in Qatar, you might want to mute us for a while because the jealousy bug might bite. 

This will go on until the tournament ends on December 18. If you have something to say, do it now. If you have plans, sorry, you’ll have to put them on hold. If you want to surprise me, buy me a ticket to Qatar. 

Let the games begin!   

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