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Sivuyisiwe, Farai Ncube & Joanne Kabiru


Meet The IKONS: Farai, Joanne & Sivuyisiwe

Three women changing the way we view the world


Mar 28, 2021, 08:28 AM

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Sivuyisiwe, Farai Ncube & Joanne Kabiru
Throughout the month and in honour of International Women's Day we will be sharing 100 stories from 100 African women as part of IKON 100. Today, we speak to Sivuyisiwe Silinga, Farai Ncube & Joanne Kabiru

These women are from different countries, backgrounds and professions but what binds YAZA, them, and you together is the fact that we all fundamentally believe that when women support women great things happen. 

They say the future is female, we say the future is now. 

Joanne Kabiru

Africa is truly blessed in every sense of the word. Here, we are hardworking, innovative, conscientious, spiritual, tech savvy and very colorful.

Being a Black African woman means the embodiment of the African person and with the capacity of bringing alive all that is within us.

In 2021, we are at the height of technological advances as a continent. The continent is now operating as a single unit and in every way, are utilizing this in the different aspects of our personal lives and for business.
Joanne Kabiru: Kenya
Being a Black African woman in 2021 to me means access, representation, opportunities, confidence and strength. Not too long ago, women in Africa could not open a bank account at all or without being accompanied by their husbands. Now, we have access to financial services and because of technology we are able to open an account and operate it from anywhere using either a mobile phone or computer. 

Many African countries are also making strides to bridge the gender gap in our leaderships, from parliament to boardrooms, giving women a seat at the table. In 2021, there are more opportunities for women in careers that were once considered male e.g. Finance, Engineering, Aviation, and Technology. Women have the confidence to venture into entrepreneurship and be independent. Besides this, businesses are now expanding across the continent, intermarriages are occurring in the different countries within Africa and travelling within the continent is now a normal agenda.
"In 2021, I will be working on the different office system projects where the vision is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the business while providing a top notch client experience."
As an individual, I intend to increase my brand visibility as a Productivity and Personal Finance Coach, and to be more available to the Youth by mentorship. I would like to share more and more information on productivity, self-development in finance and investments as well as provide being available to any young member who would like to learn more.

Above all, I look forward to continuously being a present and intentional mother and friend to my daughters, as well as fulfilling my mission to change the world, one person at a time in my different areas of expertise.

Joanne Kabiru is a certified personal productivity & personal finance coach

Sivuyisiwe Silinga

What's special about being a Black African woman, is that we are driven, hardworking and about to turn houses into homes. We are able to make something out of absolutely nothing.
Sivuyisiwe Silinga: South Africa
In 2021, I hope to win the Hip Hop Artist of the Year that I have been nominated for. I would be thrilled to take it home .
"I'm most proud of almost acquiring my LLB degree from the University of the Western Cape."
The biggest struggle I face is financial. Having a degree in South Africa doesn't mean you will find a job. And if I could change one thing in our country, it would be to make it safer for women, as well as to eliminate gender-based violence.

Sivuyisiwe Silinga, also known as Trusted SLK, is an artist

Farai Ncube Tarwireyi

Being a Black African woman in 2021 means I am unlimited, boldly privileged to be present and alive to contribute towards the shifting narratives around gender norms. The opportunities to be bold, speak up and share what I  think are much more today more than ever. What is interesting and keeps me pushing the boundaries as a woman is being ok and knowing that I don’t need a man’s and or society’s approval. That approval/non-approval does not takeaway/stop me from living my life in the best human form I can possibly be.

Being a Black African woman in 2021 means being unapologetic for who I am, and taking pride in my own colour, body shape, hair, full lips and rich melanin. I am part of a society that has begun to fully embrace its own, level up and fight forward for who we are as Black African queens, again never seeking approval. I feel comfortable in my own skin and use my voice to empower another woman to do the same.
Farai Ncube: Zimbabwe
As a mother, to two daughters- and other daughters in my community/country, it means I have the role to plant the seeds of self-pride, self-love, self-respect and self-identity as a Black woman, and never being less of myself to make another human being feel secure. It’s no longer a question of choice. It’s not an either-or question. Black exists!

Being a Black African woman is more of acknowledging my human self (past, present and to come). It’s about proudly embracing all the beauty, complexities and strengths of my womanhood while staying true to my African culture.
"It is about knowing my history, my culture and bridging the gap between African culture and modern ideology of race; the interconnectedness of cultures and traditions."
I struggle with continuously having to defend my free-spirited self. I struggle with the helpless knowledge that a woman close to me is in an abusive relationship. I would love one day, to change the name of my country – Zimbabwe. Don’t take this the wrong way. The narrative of my country has always been a one-sided script- negative. Yet it’s such a beautiful country full of soul and powerful women. In 2021 I want to acknowledge more women and clap for all woman working hard and feeding their families. It’s really that simple.

Farai Ncube is a creative

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