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Tsholofelo, Ongeziwe & Basetsana


IKONS: Basetsana, Ongeziwe & Tsholofelo

Three women changing the way we view the world


Mar 29, 2021, 06:59 AM

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Tsholofelo, Ongeziwe & Basetsana
Throughout the month and in honour of International Women's Day we will be sharing 100 stories from 100 African women as part of IKON 100. Today, we speak to Tsholofelo Semenya, Ongeziwe Kepeyi & Basetsana Kolwane

These women are from different countries, backgrounds and professions but what binds YAZA, them, and you together is the fact that we all fundamentally believe that when women support women great things happen. 

They say the future is female, we say the future is now.

Basetsana Kolwane

Being an African woman symbolizes so many representations and messages: strength, beauty, spirit and courage.
Basetsana Kolwane: South Africa
In 2021, I'd want to achieve all the goals I've set. It will be evident. I am proud of where I am currently it's a huge step from where I was. I'd like to change our doubt into the motivation, to be everything they thought or even said I wouldn't be.  And that's through living your true purpose. I would also change the lack of workmanship, showmanship and the limited opportunities in our society.
"Umoya wam uyakhuluma manje."
A challenge I face is having to always explain myself when who I am is my truth. But, I am grateful for the person I am, for my gifts and my talents. I am also grateful for my ability to just move people with just my voice and healing component flowing within it.

Basetsana Kolwane is a singer and songwriter

Tsholofelo Semenya

In 2021, I hope to maintain a happy, peaceful, and healthy life. What matters most to me is a happy family, life, as well as a blessed career.

For the next generation of women, I would like to change the perception that someone or anyone can take your power.  I would really like to challenge that narrative. Self-confidence is the key to trusting and believing in yourself. No one can have control over your thoughts and abilities the minute you start trusting and believing in yourself. Dare to dream challenge the norm and present yourself and represent women boldly.
Tsholofelo Semenya: South Africa
I am proud of myself for being able to overcome everything life has thrown at me. It has been tough.  I am proud of being able to forgive, which allows me to stay focused and level-headed for which I strongly need to be, to continue my journey to accomplish my dreams and overcoming life and everyday challenges.

The biggest struggle I face is not speaking up and standing my ground when I need to the most. Most of the time, the fear comes from being rejected or judged. It is quite ridiculous but it is a real thing. I pray to one day do better and that other young woman may stand up more for themselves and for people like me. 
"I would like to gain the strength of being more confident and to speak up and stand up for what I truly believe in, without the fear of being judged."
In the times we live in, good health is a true blessing and that is most important. If my health is good, I can take care of my loved ones and they can too with good health. It also simply means still having a chance or shot at whatever it is you hope and wish to achieve in life.

Tsholofelo Semenya is a presenter at Vow FM

Ongeziwe Kepeyi 

Being a Black African woman is special because of our unique features and our culture.
Ongeziwe Kepeyi: South Africa
I hope to get better grades in 2021 and to finally pursue a career in modelling. I'm proud of my growth and my progression in my studies. 

I would want the next generation of women to feel safe in their country without living in fear of being abused or killed. 
"I would want to change the way women are perceived as people who are supposed to be domestic and submissive to men, as well as erase gender-based violence."
Having to deal with anxiety attacks on my own while surrounded by people who don't understand it has been a major challenge for me. The fear of failure and the pressure I get as a woman in engineering also fall on that list.

Ongeziwe Kepeyi is a student

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