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Introducing Jim Beam Welcome sessions 2.0

Embrace the local music scene

BY Julia QA

Oct 04, 2022, 02:10 PM

South Africa boasts talent across multiple music genres. What better way to connect with one another and support the entertainment industry, then through music. Jim Beam welcoming sessions creates these connections as they bring us together through music. These welcoming sessions are unconventional as they bring different acts together, that may shock you, but it simply highlights the underlying passion for music. 

The Jim Beam welcoming sessions arose two years ago as a concept to support not only the artists, but the venue and the people. These sessions match the essence of Jim Beam, the legendary Kentucky bourbon whiskey known for its welcoming spirit that brings people together. It’s a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. These warm and inviting sessions takes place in venues across South Africa. All are welcome to attend. 

The most recent Jim Beam welcoming session took placed this Friday in Cape Town at the epic venue, House of Machines. South African singer, songwriter and producer, Mikhaela Faye and her band opened the night up with her jazzy meet’s punk, R & B and hip-hop sound. Her vocals, Darren Petersen’s excellent skill on the drums and Melvin’s Williams on the guitar set the tone for the night. Some of the songs performed by Faye included the popular Dopamine Rush, Trippin which is about falling in love with someone and ended the act with an unreleased track titled ‘Sticky Brain’. You can expect more of Faye’s unique sound as she is gearing up to release an even more honest body of work than her début EP, ‘Not. Now. Later’.
The welcoming session wrapped up with a performance from the Moskitos. A three-piece band that has successfully curated a niche sound and mood. Their vibe is an experiential infusion of early psychedelia and garage rock records with a touch of afrobeat, eastern music and progressive rock. Their set got the crowd rowdy as they performed ‘Window’, ‘Womxn’, ‘Ryder’ and ‘Trigger’ just to name a few. As they sang their final song ‘Shakes’, the crowd demanded more and the Moskitos delivered with one final song, wrapping up the Jim Beam welcoming sessions. 

To discover more artists, each with their own unique and alternative sound, try to catch a Jim Beam welcoming session. 

Here are the details for the upcoming Jim Beam welcoming sessions

  •    7 Oct – Sowaar Bar in JHB ft The Tazers & Morena Leraba 
  • 28 Oct - Railways Café in PTA ft Make-Overs, Sun Xa Experiment, The Black Cat Bones, PHFAT 
  •    4 Nov, Tiger’s Milk (Bryanston) in JHB ft Easy Freak & DJ InviZAble. 
  •  26 Nov, Padstal in PTA ft Fokofpolisiekar. 
  •  3 Dec, Sin+Tax in JHB ft Chantel Van T & Painted Flowers. 
  •  10 Dec, The Armchair Theatre in CPT ft Retro Dizzy & Nikola Vlok. 

The last Jim Beam welcoming session on the 10th December in Cape Town will mark the 18th one for 2022.