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Fake Tarot Readers Are Taking Over Socials

They are everywhere

BY Julia QA

Apr 22, 2022, 03:38 AM

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In recent years, we’ve seen a sharp rise in tarot reading across the globe with readers using technology and social media platforms to connect with their audience and (possibly) meet new clients. Astrology and tarot reading is not new thing. Old magazines and newspapers always had sections for astrology where people read what the stars had in store for them using astrology and their zodiac, particularly, sun signs.

Recently, there has been a keen interest in this and more people are approaching readers to see what their future might hold for them. Sometimes, these readers (read the energy) see the desperation of people and use it to their advantage, making them believe that they can help and guide people to light. How do they do this? 

They Approach You

A strange account on Twitter with a name with plants and (angel?) numbers will send you a DM telling you that they have a message for you from your “guides”.  In my and my friends’ experiences, the story is almost always similar: 
“You have people or energies who don’t seem to be happy with what life has offered you and they are sending evil eye and negative energies your way causing blockages in your life.” 
And then, instead of helping you as the true messenger that they claim to be, they tell you, there’s more than they can share but you need to pay first. So, ma’am or sir, you came to me, with a message from my guides but I have to pay for it? Please, just tell my guides to send my messages to me or through the universe and if they’re my guides and messages are meant for me, I’ll get them.

They Take Your Money and Take Long To Respond

The curiosity got the better of you and you decided to try a tarot reading and paid for it. Now, your trusted “gifted” reader is not responding and you’re in limbo because the person you thought would have answers, doesn’t. No, really, they do not have the answers and can’t connect to your guides and that’s why you’re still waiting. True tarot readers will always send you back to yourself (intuition) while giving you a little guidance. 

They Tell You Exactly What You Know/Share

You DM a tarot reader and ask them for a reading with your account and you think they won’t do a little investigation? Please. A fake tarot reader who is serious about making money online will sit down and go through your social media accounts, checking what you tweet about, your likes, and the people you interact with and create a whole reading based on that. Your gullible self will think they are a real one but nope, they just did their research and caught some hints and glimpses of your life on your social media accounts and decided to share that with you.

Our beliefs are different and we do what we can to find the light or connect to the Higher Source and that’s okay. However, we should always be on the lookout for scammers and discern.