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Can Coffee Speed Up Weightloss?

A new study thinks it just might...

BY Stephanie Kapfunde

Apr 13, 2021, 05:54 PM

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It's insane how people have been drinking coffee for centuries and it's only now we are learning about its health benefits. While there's lots of talk in the media about how coffee can be bad for you, did you know that it may also boost weightloss?

Although no one knows how exactly coffee was discovered there are a good deal of legends/theories and a new study from the University of Nottingham shows that coffee may just help with more than staying awake.

The History Of Coffee

According to the National Coffee Association of the USA, the story of coffee began with a goat herder named Kaldi in the Ethiopian plateau. When Kaldi's goats ate from a specific tree they got restless and wouldn't sleep. He took this discovery local monastery and the abbot used these magic beans to stay up for prayers. Word spread from monastery to monastery and news of the beverage made its way to the Arabian Peninsula. There, the commercialization and culture of coffee drinking we borrow today was born through public coffee houses called qahveh khaneh. Europe couldn't get over the strange dark drink that gave one a burst of energy either. Coffee was only introduced to South Africa to the then Natal via Sri Lanka in 1854 as plants and there were almost 2000 hectares of planted coffee by 1870.
"South Africa consumed 675,000 60kgs bags of ground coffeee in the years 2019-2020." - Coffee Business Intelligence

Coffee & Weightloss 

According to a March 2021 study by a Spanish University, a strong cup of coffee before your cardio could advance your body's fat burning. Ingesting caffeinated coffee at least 30 minutes before a workout is said to optimize fat oxidation which is the body's process of breaking down fatty acids. The research shows that afternoon exercise is slightly more effective than morning exercise with this hack. 

That's not all! An English study from 2019 has also proven that your cuppa can stimulate brown fat, an internal fat-fighting superhero. Brown fat is one of two types of fat found in humans whose main function is to generate body heat by burning calories. To put it into context, people with a lower body mass index (BMI) have a higher amount of brown fat. Although the scientists are still working on the math of which causes what exactly; there is consensus in the study that the caffeine in coffee could potentially be used as part of a weight management regime or as part of a glucose regulation programme to help prevent diabetes.

So, if you are trying to lose weight sure sounds like your regular black cup of java is on your side, so drink up!

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