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Angela Atlang, From Botswana To The World

The Muvhango actress is looking forward to making her mark in SA and the world

BY Naledi K

Apr 21, 2022, 07:57 AM

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South Africa was recently introduced to a talented, Botswana-born actress, when she left viewers shocked with her seductive nature as Itseng Motsamai (James’s estranged sister) on the SABC 2 soapie Muvhango. And while there's no denying how sexy she is, there is more to the woman behind the seductress including the fact that she is a staunch Christian, governed by the word of God, her spirituality and love for family.

Relatively unknown in the SA entertainment industry, the 26-year-old beauty was born and bred in Maun, Botswana. She shared her background story with YAZA, speaking of how she was born into a single-parent family headed by her mother, Jeanie Atlang. 

Back in Botswana, Angela is popular as a model, having done multiple advertisements, however, she always knew that acting was her true calling.

“I am mostly known through my modelling career as I have been in several commercial ads and music videos back in Botswana. Many people are fond of me as a model, and only a select few know me as an actress. My journey into acting actually started at a young age, that's when I spotted my fellow schoolmates rehearsing for a play, at Tawana Primary School. They were getting ready for some drama competitions. That sparked an interest in me but I never really gave myself a chance to nurture it. I was only 10 years old at the time."
"At the age of 13, I graduated to being a junior student at Tshwaragano Junior School, still in Maun. Students usually have to join some extracurricular activities after school, so I signed up for the school's drama club and that's just how the magic began. From there on, I went on to study Bachelor of Theater Arts at the University of Botswana in 2014 and graduated in 2018.”
Muvhango is one of SA’s biggest and most loved soapies and for Angela, getting a role on the soapie is a dream come true. Especially, since she auditioned on the soapie almost three years ago, but only got her big break in 2021. Others may have lost faith while waiting, but Angela says she always knew God worked all things in her favour and that while she didn’t snag the Muvhango gig immediately after auditions in 2018, she knew it was a matter of “dreams delayed are not dreams denied.”

“My faith, principles, and my character are what makes me the woman I am today. I have come a long way with God. His word is what governs me. I remember when I was still a primary school kid, I would always prepare to go to church, by myself. The word teaches you how to carry yourself, what to do in certain situations, and what to avoid so that you may be the best version of yourself and have good relations with yourself, those around you, and God, and I've always lived like that," she explained. 
"So now I'm a person who is full of love, integrity, good morals, and great understanding. I value my relationship with God, good relations with others, and I also value my family. All of these have a hand in who I have now become."
The actress believes being the eldest and only girl child helped mould her character.

"I come from a single-parent headed family and I am the eldest and the only girl, so in a way, I am a deputy parent to my 3 little brothers. That really does have an impact on my character,” she said.

Angela doesn’t downplay how much of a game-changer being on Muvhango is for her career, especially when she considered the long road it took to get her to this moment in her life.

“My journey into the entertainment industry has been bittersweet, in general, counting modelling, because there's not a lot of opportunities and not much you can make out of it back at home unless you try your luck outside the country, but in regards to acting, it's been smooth. I always kept myself busy back at school with productions both in and outside school and immediately after I graduated in 2018 I came across the Muvhango auditions and I made it through, though I had to wait 3 years for me to finally be here.”
“Joining Muvhango is the biggest game changer! The exposure and support I have been getting from this opportunity are immense and overwhelming."
Angela admits that moving to Johannesburg in pursuit of her dreams was also bittersweet. She explains that while the move was inevitable for her, it didn't make leaving her family behind any easier. Looking back at that tough time of adjusting to life in a new country without her family near her, Angela says her sacrifice paid off.

“I believe the move from Botswana to S.A was worth it because look at me now. I have this opportunity which is very rare to get if you are in Botswana. Now I can take care of myself and my family and plan on my own future projects. I'm grateful and glad I made this move. It's a blessing and I believe it's my open door to more blessings,” Angela says.

Atlang has not only made her dreams come true but she has taken a step further to lend a helping hand and give back to the society. She founded a foundation, The Angela Atlang Foundation, which 6 weeks ago, had a project called Bites of Love. She took to her Instagram to announce that she and her team, through the foundation, would be feeding at least 300 people in the streets of Johannesburg, which she was super excited about. Guess we can add philanthropist to her portfolio.

Did you know that the late Shona Ferguson was born in Botswana too?