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Ladies, Love Your Tummy

It's all down to biology

BY Pauline Katethya

Mar 04, 2021, 12:52 PM

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It’s every woman’s wish to have a flat tummy. A flat tummy is equated to healthy living. It is goals. Life. Everything a woman could ever ask for. A flat belly brings out our waistline, makes us look sexier, and who doesn’t love it when they don’t have to tuck in their stomach when taking pictures? Men having a big potbelly is a sign of wealth but for a woman, it’s a disgrace. You haven’t felt the shame of having a big belly if you haven’t been congratulated for expecting a newborn when it's food growing down there.

The length women go to achieve this perfection is shocking. Some will use surgery, waist trainers, pills, detox teas, a cocktail of herbs, anything. You might hand someone poison and they'll drink it. If they die, they’ll die having acquired a flat tummy. This gets me wondering, who the freaking hell said we need to have flat tummies?  And where is this need for perfection coming from? Are these methods safe and necessary? Is a flat tummy that important that you are willing to put your life at risk? 

Love Yourself 

We live in a world where we are constantly reminded that we are not enough as we are. That we need to look like the Kardashians or Beyonce. Sis, it’s time we stopped listening to these opinions. Appreciate yourself as you are. Define what beauty is to you and stick to that. Don’t compare your beauty standards to someone else’s. It doesn’t matter whether your stomach splits into three when you sit or if it is the size of a drum. Love it as it is. Parade it with pride and don’t compromise your health for a smaller stomach. To hell with flat tummies. And those that can’t appreciate us the way we are, to hell with them too. Even as you work on being better, love you as you are, and don’t let anyone make you feel like a lesser woman because your tummy is peeping out for sunshine. Own it proudly. 

It's Biology

Yeah, I know you are wondering if I’m out of my mind. I’m not. Women have extra padding not only to protect digestive organs like the stomach, liver, and intestines but to also protect reproductive organs. This process of naturally storing fat cells in the stomach area begins during adolescence and young adulthood in preparation for childbearing later in life.
So don’t beat yourself up for being rough around the edges. This is also the price we pay for being a woman. If Mother Nature said we need that extra fat, then who are we to question her?

Adopt Healthy Habits

There are natural and healthy ways of reducing belly fat. Exercises like abdominal, reverse, and long arm crunches are good for burning calories. Russian twist, leg raises, lunges, cardio and so much more also help with that.

Eat whatever the hell you want but adopt healthy eating habits. Move away from processed foods, try to curb carbs instead of fats, eat plenty of soluble fibre and high protein diet. Remember thinness does not equal health. And no matter the size of your stomach, you are beautiful.

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