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IG Model Tebogo T Gets Real About Her Surgery!

Not all slay queens will tell you the truth about going under the knife but Tebogo will

BY Naledi K

Apr 21, 2022, 11:39 PM

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“If you’re a public figure - and I’m not saying that I’m opting to be everyone’s role model because I’m not perfect either - but you need to at least give people a realistic approach to life,” a passionate Tebogo Thobejane said in an interview with Yaza recently.

Tebogo is an Afda graduate and an actress who recently scored a cameo on Muvhango. The 38-year-old mother of one and businesswoman is better known as an Instagram model and influencer for her hourglass-shaped sexy body and her sultry Instagram posts.

Unlike many of the women in her field of work, Tebogo doesn’t associate the term slay queen - which most Instagram models are called - with negative connotations.

The sexy model doesn’t mind being labeled a slay queen but the one thing that makes her blood boil is the “selling” of unrealistic expectations on the social media platforms, an act she thinks is not only unethical but downright dangerous for the youth.

“Nobody is perfect and you can’t buy into perfection. Sometimes you go out and you get drunk, sometimes you fall, sometimes you get up, other times you fall in love… It’s this whole perception of making the world unrealistic that leaves young people lost. These young girls get lost and end up doing things that are unnecessary. Girls end up getting sick while trying to secure the bag, which is actually unrealistic. They have no actual idea of what some of the girls they look up to actually have to do to have what they have."

“It’s very important, to tell the truth - obviously I’m not saying lay your whole life out on social media - but at least be realistic. If we don’t do that, we will be the reason young girls get depressed and commit suicide.”

Tebogo, who has been making money out of influencer gigs as early as a decade ago, got candid about the work that she’s had done on her body.

“I love my body and people go as far as having plastic surgery to get a body like mine but in the same breath, I don’t want to lie to people and say that I have never had any work done (on my body). I have touched on this before but I had liposuction after my baby was born.”
Tebogo explained that she gifted herself with the surgery as her 31st birthday present.

“I had excess skin after giving birth and I decided to do it as a gift for what my body had achieved. It helped my confidence a lot. I am as human as the next woman and I would never want anyone to think I carried a baby and then snapped back into a snatched waist naturally when that wasn’t the case. I had a young mkhabanyane after my baby, as most women do."
"I really hate that other women are being made to feel bad about themselves by people because they don’t look a certain way."
However, she said she counts herself lucky because as far as her dream body goes, hers was mostly a God-given gift. That doesn't mean she ever wanted young girls following her to think less of themselves because they have body shapes that are different from hers.

“I don’t want some young mom to hate her body because she thinks my waist came naturally after birth. I am a big believer that even if you have something and you feel it can be enhanced, work at making it better if you want to. It shouldn’t have to be a big secret, it’s not something we should only whisper about… ‘like oh she had work done on her body!’ I despise the whole concept of people lying and saying, ‘Oh I’ve never had anything done on my body, this is all-natural, I gym all the time…’ pshhh they need to stop lying! I really hate that other women are being made to feel bad about themselves by people because they don’t look a certain way, that for me is a form of bullying,” Tebogo said.

At the end of last year, Tebogo announced about hosting a new YouTube show titled City Girls that is produced by Podcast and Chill’s network. Her aim is to teach women about plastic surgeries and business, which goes to show how she would go above and beyond to ensure that women and girls are not misled. She is always using her platforms to steer girls into the right direction where they are not deceived. Just recently, last week, she went on Instagram live to talk about property home management and home insurance as she shared that she is now a home owner which is a big deal. Seems congratulations are in order for this milestone she has achieved.

The actress has almost 400k followers, just on her Instagram, she's certain social media is here to stay but is adamant about not wanting young girls to get swallowed up by the unrealistic expectations it often breeds.

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