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Bitter Leaf: 10 Impressive Health Benefits

It is bitter but it makes you better

BY Agnes Amondi

Oct 12, 2022, 10:42 AM

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Yes, it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth but if you seriously want to enjoy a lifetime of health, the bitter truth is that you will have to put up with plants like bitter leaf. 

It has so many unimaginable benefits to your health that you shouldn’t overlook. It carries important nutritional properties like proteins, fat, crude fibre, ash and minerals, all of which keep those life-threatening diseases away. If you can get over its bad taste, the following are the health benefits you will get.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf 

1. Eases stomach ulcers 

A burning stomach? No thank you. No one wants that. Unfortunately, if you are an ulcer patient, that rings a bell but you can put an end to the pain. Have some bitter leaf. Its ingredients will produce a healing effect by protecting the walls of your stomach. Make sure you don't take the bitter leaf or drink the juice on an empty stomach. It will only make things worse. 

2. Treats malaria

Malaria is a common illness in this part of the world. If you are unfortunate enough to have gotten it, don't worry. Take bitter leaf. It cures malaria.

3. Cures skin condition

If you have acne, black spots, pimples or any skin disease for that matter, bitter leaf is a reliable solution. Making bitter leaf paste and applying it to the troubled areas of your skin will work magic. But, be careful. If your skin reacts when things are applied to it, then visit your doctor before using bitter leaf.

4. Clears fever 

We all know how irritating fever can be. Don’t wait to get it. Bitter leaf has powerful nutrients that prevent you from fever. This was the original use of bitter leaf and it's proven to be reliable.

5. Weight loss 

The best way to lose weight and achieve your goals is by eating bitter leaf. Bitter leaf will burn the excess fat you've been wanting to lose. Eat it in its raw form or drink a glass of bitter leaf juice regularly. Better yet, cook it with your food.   

6. Controls the amount of sugar 

If you find it unthinkable to have a sugar-free diet, or you are having trouble reducing the amounts of sugar you take, then you can work your way around this. Just eat bitter leaf. 

Proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates found in bitter leaf lower the amount of sugar in the blood. This way, you will avoid diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

7. Boosts fertility 

The secret to giving birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl is to take foods like bitter leaf. It keeps your reproductive organs working well so you will not have any problems getting pregnant. But, if you are not sure about using bitter leaf or need special attention, go see your doctor.  

8. Prevents cancer 

If you look at your skin right now, do you see growth? If you don't, good for you. If you do see one, are you doing something about it? It might not lead to a tumor but what if it does? 

Don't leave anything to chance. One way you can do that is by adding bitter leaf to your diet. This plant stops the development of the type of skin growth that causes cancer.  

9. Strengthen bones and teeth 

Whether it's your back or joints that have made it a nightmare for you to run, walk, bend or even sit comfortably, take bitter leaf to relieve all the pain. Eating bitter leaf on a consistent basis will make your bones stronger.

10. Improves digestion

If constipation and bloating are issues you deal with on a daily basis, then bitter leaf will do the trick for you. All the food you eat will be digested as fast which means you won't have to feel embarrassed anymore because of frequent belching. If you stopped going out because of frequent stomach aches and bloating, you don't have to miss out anymore.  


1. What are the functions of bitter leaf?

Firstly, you can add bitter leaves to your list of ingredients and use them to make food. Chewing them raw is another option. Just brace yourself for the bitterness. If it helps, washing the leaves properly will reduce the bitterness. 

Secondly, you can use bitter leaves as a repellent. This is where you will benefit from its bitterness. 

Lastly, the bark of bitter leaf can be turned into charcoal while the branches can be made into fences.

2. Are there any side effects to bitter leaf?

Generally, bitter leaf is good for your health. However, it can cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to it. If you suffer from any heart condition, make sure you talk to your doctor before using bitter leaf. Its ability to lower blood sugar levels can lead to heart problems. Pregnant women have nothing to worry about.  

3. How can you eat bitter leaf?

There are a number of ways you can eat bitter leaf. You can chew it raw, blend it to get the juice and you can also mix it with milk. 

4. How can you prepare bitter leaf juice?

First, make sure you have fresh bitter leaves, a blender, water and a sieve. Start by washing the bitter leaves thoroughly with water to remove dirt. When done, pour some water into your blender. Add the washed bitter leaves into the blender. Blend until you get a fine texture then sieve bitter leaf juice and enjoy.

5. How often should you drink bitter leaf juice? 

The frequency of drinking bitter leaf juice depends on your needs. Some people go with a glass each day, others a glass each week. What you need to remember is that too much bitter leaf is not good for you. 

6. How can you preserve bitter leaf juice?

This is very simple. Add some honey to bitter leaf juice and refrigerate. It will lose some of its bitterness after 24 hours but still remain effective.

7. Are there any benefits of bathing with bitter leaf?

Yes. You can reduce itching by rubbing the leaf on the itching spots on your body. Repeat this several times to achieve the result. You can also beat the ageing process by bathing with bitter leaves. It removes radicals and leaves your skin more youthful and healthier. 

If by now you aren’t asking yourself what bitter leaf can’t do, I’m not sure you are following this. We think that for all its benefits, it is worth persevering with the stinging taste bitter leaf has.