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6 Affirmations To Help Channel The Queen In You

Being kind to yourself with your words is right up there in the self-love manual

BY Naledi K

Apr 21, 2022, 03:25 AM

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The one thing I love about African women is that once they latch on to a movement, they are unstoppable! This is why I absolutely love that we've finally safely boarded the #selflove and #selfawareness train because we finally realise that for all the love we give to others daily, we are deserving of the same - if not more - love!

Most of us know an awful lot about how to love others and how to take care of their needs, their feelings and even -much to our detriment - their egos. As women, not a lot of teachings in our community placed emphasis on being kind to ourselves earlier in our lives.

It wasn't until we realised just how unkind we had been to ourselves and how this, in turn, made it okay - and normal - for other people to treat us unkindly that we finally woke up and smelled the coffee.

A lecturer of mine sometime in my varsity years said something I have never been able to get out of my head. He said that for every one negative thing you hear about yourself, you have to tell yourself something positive about five times repeatedly to erase its effect. I don't know where he got the statement or if it's backed by science and literature but I found it so profound.

Now that we've found concepts like manifesting and meditating on positive thoughts, affirming ourselves has become easier. The term "you create your own happiness" is finally tangible because sometimes it's really as easy as saying it and believing it.

Now there are a lot of wonderful affirmations one can adopt - in fact, there are apps available just for that. These are just some of the affirmations that will help you channel the queen in you.

You Are Not Too Old Or Too Late

I know that society is obsessed with timelines, so I want us to start here today, no matter how old you are, that dream is still attainable and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

You Are Worthy!

Right in line with the previous affirmation, you are absolutely worthy of everything dream - no matter how big, crazy or impossible it seems! Not to get all biblical on you but seemingly far-fetched dreams have been becoming a reality for many women since the beginning of time sis... Why would it be impossible for you?

Love Others But Don't Forget You!

You are love and you overflow with love, That's why the people in your life are extremely lucky to have you - especially the little (or no so little) human beings you created. But listen, you are your number one! I know it doesn't always seem that way but affirm it, you are your number one.

You Are The Star Of The Show

In your story, the Chuck Norris of it all is you. Not to make you self-centred and completely selfish and obnoxious but your world (not the world) really does revolve around you. It starts and ends with you. You matter!

It's Gonna Be Alright!

We know that the world is a "big bad place' but that is not all that it is! It is also a wonderful place where happiness is possible and living our best lives is highly possible. No one said it would be challenge-free but all the queens know one thing for sure, and that is that eventually, things work themselves out and everything is gonna be alright - just like Bob Marley sang! So don't waste your time and peace worrying.

You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are 

Social media has become a hub for love, hate and comparison. People are sharing so much about themselves and you can't help but find yourself carried away by peoples lives and what they do. You may find yourself comparing your body shape or weight or height with someone that has been deemed as perfect by the society because of how they look. Just remember that we are uniquely and wonderfully made. Be kind to yourself and affirm that You Are Beautiful just the way you are.