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11 Things Women Should Not Feel Ashamed Of During Sex

It’s not a big deal

BY Julia QA

Jan 24, 2023, 03:55 PM

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lucas da miranda

Sex and shame are closely linked in our society, especially for women and feminine-presenting people. Having a lump of shame during sex is the biggest obstacle to having satisfying passionate sex. Basically, everybody with a vagina is taught that there are a zillion sexuality-related sins to repent of, but Glamor has some good news. All of that is crap!

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Sex is meant to be one of the few occasions when you can tune out all the crude and egregiously erroneous messages that society constantly gives out about how to behave as a woman. Being such an intimate subject, sex, unfortunately, is riddled with things you should ostensibly feel ashamed about.

Sexuality and sex are, after all, for everyone. You might be kinky, gay, or you might enjoy having impromptu hookups. You might be polyamorous, have had several sex relationships, or even be a virgin and feel like there's something wrong with it. It's time to stop subjecting ourselves to sex shaming.

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