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Quick Hairstyles For Black Women

Spending half a day at the salon isn't easy

BY Julia QA

Apr 20, 2022, 12:31 AM

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Black women value their hair. Whether long or short, they wear it how they like. But doing hair can be time-consuming and irritate one’s scalp. We all want to look great but no one likes to sit at the salon for 6 hours doing hair. So, we came up with six hairstyles that are easy to do and style for black women. 

Jumbo braids

The creativity that comes with braids is one of the most incredible things done by black women. Braids have always been a part of our lives and they remain the best hairstyle for black women. A decade ago, thinner braids (twist) was every black girl’s favourite hairstyle. A decade later, we find ourselves doing 8 braids in our heads. Eight. This might change in years to come, but for now, Jumbo braids are the IT hairstyle. They are big in size thus saving you time and easy to style. Best thing? They look great in every colour. 

Natural Hair Short Cuts

If you hadn’t learn anything from former Miss universe Zozibini Tunzi or former Miss SA Shudufadzo Musida about short hair, then you’ll never learn anything. This is one of the easiest and best hairstyles to do in South Africa. It doesn’t even take a full hour to do the hair. A quick in and out at the salon and voila, you look your best and are ready to get on with your day. 

Big Corn Rows

As someone who’s braided her hair her whole life, I’ll tell you that cornrows are painful. Yes, they’re quicker and easier than braids but they’re more painful while you’re doing them. A new trick? Go for the bigger cornrows instead of the small ones. You’ll save your time and yourself from a painful scalp. The big cornrows will allow your scalp to breathe and keep your hair healthy. 


Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, a ponytail extension is a solution to all your problems. You don't have to go to the salon to install it, you can do it at home and take it off before bed. You decide if you want it short, long, curly, or in a bun. It’s luxurious, easy to do, and doesn’t take time. Go on, try it! 

Knotless Braids

Every woman knows that normal braids take hours to finish. One has to dedicate half of her day to sit down and cut hairpieces for their hairdresser to finish. But the invention of knotless braids is one of the best creations for black girls. They are quick to do, less heavy, and easiest to style. Protective hairstyle? Knotless braids. Traveling? Knotless braids. Looking for something you can keep for a good two months? Knotless braids.

Twist Out

If you aren't a fun of using braids or extensions then you will enjoy this. It is a simple hairstyle that takes a very short time to get done. The best part is you don't have to use any braids because all it takes is twisting your hair using some gel. They look great and have great volume because of the gel and you'll definitely enjoy the fact that they are light and protective.