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Protect Your Hairline & Still Rock Any Style

It's not as hard as the world makes it seem queens...

BY Naledi K

Apr 21, 2022, 08:55 PM

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There are only a few things as stressful as having gorgeous hair with a non-existent hairline. Not only does it raise one’s insecurities, but it’s also often really hard to hide and limits your hairstyle choices. Now there are a lot of products and options available on how to rescue your hairline if it’s already in ICU. However, just like in most situations in life, prevention is better than cure.

This piece is all about prevention but in the same breath, it is about taking calculated risks. The thing is, most of the hairstyles we Black women love involve (at least most of the time) someone pulling quite tightly at our hair to achieve the desired look. Braids - while they sure do look amazing - are the hairline’s number one enemy. Right up there with braids are the weaves and wigs. Then the list continues because your favourite cornrows, twist and similar hairstyle are no angels either.

Basically, our hair dislikes most extensions or synthetic hair and our “baby hair” in particular is quite the temperamental part of the crown.

So the trick is to find hacks that allow you to be safe when you take risks (read: when you decide to do any hairstyle that requires pulling your own hair tightly or introducing a foreign material). Just like any relationship, protecting your hairline begins with good communication.

Speak Up

I know I am not the only one who has sat in Aunty so and so’s salon chair and failed -out of respect, intimidation or just pure anxiety - to tell aunty to leave my edges alone when she puts on the synthetic hairpiece. Yeah, sounds familiar neh?

If you are “scared” of your hairstylist maybe it’s time to find a new - maybe even “friendlier” one. One who you can ask to politely start your braiding slightly behind the hairline, leave your edges alone and still have you leave the salon chair like a queen.


I know you have seen videos about this and heard/read it multiple times. It keeps popping up because it is true and one of the best ways to protect your hair and your hairline in particular.

Once the braids are in (and God-willing Aunty Maria was kind enough not to make them too tight) you still need to prevent the hair from drying out. If it dries, then it dies and it breaks off. Mmmkay? Okay.

Let The Hair Breath

Sometimes just let the hair be… give it a damn break. Then when you do wear your favourite protective style, don’t wear it for longer than eight (8) weeks at a time. It’s not about whether the style still looks good or how much you paid for it… it is about being able to give your hair and scalp the deep cleansing, conditioning and care they need without hair extensions, weaves or wigs getting in the way.

You need to remember that your hairline depends on your entire head of hair to be healthy and moisturized. Just as you allow yourself to rest, you should give your hair and hairline a chance to rest too.

Run Away From Heat As much As You Can

You know that blow-dry you have or keep running to whenever you wash your hair, it is doing more damage than good. First it weakens you hair and second robs off the moisture in your hair which is much needed for it to be healthy. Instead, try other alternatives like air drying or letting it dry on its own, use a microfiber towel and apply a quick dry lotion. This are just but a few alternatives to using a blow dry to dry your hair on wash days. This way, you'll not damage it, especially the hairline.