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Going Bald? Expect These Changes

Does your hair define your beauty?

BY Julia QA

Apr 22, 2022, 12:37 AM

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People often say that when a black woman shaves her head, she’s about to change her life. This is not a lie. Women and young girls value their hair and grow up trying all kinds of hairstyles, from braids to cornrows, haircuts and Bantu knots, we all grow up playing with our hair and they become a vital part of us and play a huge role in how we see ourselves

But what happens when a woman goes all bald with a big chop and starts over? Does this have any effect on how she sees herself? Let’s look at how this drastic change affects women.

It Changes How You See Yourself

The big chop will change how you see things in life and yourself. You start to realise that starting anew sometimes can come with positive results. For years, you grow up and get used to the version of you with hair. You go through low and high self-esteem issues and your hair plays a huge part in that. Your highs are high and lows are lower and your hair is just there. You’re happy when you have a certain hairstyle but when your hair is not done, you struggle to even get out of bed. This continues, until one day, you decide to do a big chop and when you look into your mirror, you realise that there are other versions of you and while your hair is part of you, you’re not defined by it. 

It Brings Freedom

There’s a sense of freedom that comes with going bald. Almost every woman who has gone bald will tell you that it took time to take the decision. You contemplate for months before you decide to do it. You go to the hair salon several times, with a plan to cut your hair, only to change when you get there and do anything but cut your hair. This happens for some time until you go there again, with a plan for yet another hairstyle and you realise, it’s time. You find yourself watching the barber cutting down your long-relaxed hair or curly natural hair and you have no words. When they are done, an inner voice whispers, “I feel free” and you realise that this is freedom. 

Change In Behaviour 

Your behaviors changes, in most cases, for the better, depending on how you look at it. You realise who you’ve always been and wanted to be. The ‘flaws’ that you saw in yourself for years are no longer flaws, but they are things that you now embrace and love the most about yourself. If you were bullied as a young girl about your hair, you wish to go back to that time and assure and affirm yourself that you were just fine and worth it. When you’re at this stage, no one can tell you anything about yourself. You know yourself, your worth and do not entertain anything that will take you back to the dark pit of low-self esteem and low self-worth.

You Glow and Become Happier

When people are stressing about what hairstyle to do next, you sit there and listen, knowing that you can’t relate because you are bald and bold, baby. You no longer fork out so much money for expensive hairstyles (hair is expensive) and you just glow, naturally. The sense of inner self-worth that you get, can be seen on your face and in the way you move and carry yourself. 

Advice? It’s a personal journey and do it when you know you’re ready. It will be all worth it!