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How To Deal With Hangover From Hell

It's a war and you'll need these weapons

BY Julia QA

Mar 28, 2022, 07:50 PM

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It's a Monday, you have a hangover from the weekend because your alcohol consumption knows no boundaries, plus, what’s better than a nice chilled Sunday at groove with friends and all your favourite people? Nothing.

But, just like everything in life, that comes with consequences; a slow functioning brain, inability to stomach food, water or anything, headaches, exhaustion and hangover anxiety for a full day or more if you’re unlucky. How do you deal with this? 

Water Is Life

After a heavy night of drinking all those tequila shots, cocktails and all those types of liquor, your body will be dehydrated. You will need to apologise to it by drinking water. I know some hangovers won’t allow you to even stomach anything and this is when you need water the most. Ditch the still and normal water and go for sparkling water. I don’t know what those bubbles do in your body, but sparkling water is exactly what you need when you have a hangover from hell. This is a tested and proven method. 


Some people suggest a greasy breakfast after a night out, while we agree to some extent, we think the only thing you need in that greasy breakfast is eggs. Sunnyside up, scrambled, fried, no matter what your preference is, eat those eggs. Put something hot, for that extra assistance. This is war. 

Braaied meat

Xhosa people call it umbengo and if you’re lucky enough to find it early in the morning (it takes time to make) then you’ve won half your battle. 

Cry For God’s Mercy

Promise your God and the universe that you will never do this again. Confess all your sins and repent. It will take a full day of you mumbling “Yoh” in between and you’ll eventually get better because prayer does work. 

Do Better

I wanted to list “sleep it away” as an option to deal with this devil, but that’s not an option if you have a full-time job. So, the advice is to do anything on a Sunday but alcohol. You’ll have the best and most productive Mondays of your life. What blue Mondays? It’s possible. Try it!

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