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5 Coffee Shops You'll Love In Nairobi

Cute, rustic and, of course, Instagrammable

BY Karen Muriuki

Mar 24, 2021, 01:45 PM

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Procaffeination (noun): The tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee. And the story of my life, your life, every woman's life!

If this hasn’t been the story of my life since I started Uni. I don’t know. There’s a certain calmness that comes with my cup of coffee. Control of thoughts. Peace of mind. Well, for the few minutes after that, then my head goes back to its spiraling norm.

Safe to say, I’ve become coffee dependent, something I’ve been told isn’t a good thing for my health. But I guess it’s not soooo bad if I have a cup a day, only on weekdays. Yes?

A while back, I purposed to learn more about this newly accepted dependence. You know, visiting more coffee houses, which to my advantage are growing in number in Nairobi. That way, I get to try out the different types of coffee, learn how they’re made, and everything in between.

Here are a few that I have loved since.

Barista & Co.

My love for coffee and cute little spaces was satisfied when I visited Barista & Co. Immensely.
Barista & Co.
Located at Keystone Park on Riverside Drive, Sarit Centre, and PWC Towers, they pride themselves in special coffee roasting. Their menu mostly consists of coffees and teas, a tiny side menu of bakes and panini, and most recently, an extensive brunch menu. Perfect accompaniments. The joint also offers choices of brewing methods- which was perfect for my need to know more about brewing.

Geco Café

During quarantine last year, my girlfriend and I decided to have a work-date because we were tired of the work-from-home monotony. We have this wish-list of cafes and restaurants that we have to visit and this bohemian delight in Lavington was our choice for the day.
Geco Cafe
I especially loved their extensive book collection that accommodated most people’s interests. That, plus of course, the sandwiches. Out. Of. This. World!

Coffee & Bagels

I love a good catch-up over breakfast or brunch. Coffee & Bagels along Lenana Road was a café next on the list I mentioned before- largely because of its woody aesthetic.
Coffee & Bagels
I had also heard wonderful things about their coffee and bagels that are the main accompaniments. I was not one bit disappointed!

Kesh Kesh Coffee Roasters & Café

I love that my job takes me to places I haven’t been to. In this case, Kesh Kesh was the location that was picked by one of my interviewees- Soni Adriance, who is a food blogger.
Kesh Kesh
Here, I got to experience both their traditional Eritrean Coffee Ceremony and Mechanical coffee brewing. The café serves Eritrean and continental cuisine, from breakfast to dinner. Their roasted coffee beans, brewing gadgets, and accessories are also available for purchase.

Lava Latte

Tucked away in a serene corner along State House Road, Lava Latte would be your best shot for those Instagrammable shots that are a need.
Lava Latte
Its rustic, relaxed, artsy, quietly confident service matches the coffee offering as well as tasty food. Its cozy colorful interior is filled with beautiful artworks displayed on their walls all of which were either created by or depicting strong women, and which were also sourced from local artists.

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