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Kenyan Content Creators You Should Follow

For beauty, food, fashion, travel, photography & parenting

BY Karen Muriuki

Jan 23, 2023, 11:02 AM

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The rise of the Internet, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, has allowed us to see some of the most talented content creators, all from the comfort zone of our devices.

But bringing all that information onto your screens is no easy task. To do so, these content creators and travel bloggers go above and beyond to tell compelling stories, whether that be in the form of the written word, the perfect photograph, or an engaging video. They match their passions in different fields like beauty, food, or fashion, with incredible work ethic in perfecting their craft.

Here are some of our most favorite fashion, decor, and lifestyle content creators to follow ASAP.

Aunty Nimu

Aunty Nimu has one of the most beautiful feeds I’ve ever seen. I love her colors, imagery, minimal and ethereal style. Her photography and videography are absolutely dreamy as well.


I love Yasmin’s style and voice. I seriously don’t know if anyone has ever had better dresses or monochromatic looks.


Ever stumbled on one of those food blogs that instantly make you drool? I don’t think you’ve opened Tara’s Instagram yet. Yes, that’s your cue to do so!

Terembe Cherono & Tebby Maritim-Odongo

This sister-duo has become a favorite evening pass-time on Instagram- even though their content is entirely different.

Tebby makes my heart melt by documenting her journey raising the most beautiful baby girl who she calls Sage the Dino.

Terembe, Sage’s auntie, started the ‘Daily Recap’ on her Insta-stories that have become a hit! There’s nothing I enjoy more these days than watching how people spent their days.

Stephanie Cherono

This professional makeup artist amazes us each time with the looks that she films and shares on her Instagram.

Pilgrim Chic

I think Fatma is seriously cool. Aside from her beauty, travel, and lifestyle content, she is a brilliant YouTuber as well. She is also an editor and writer at This Is Essential.

Wanjiru Njiru

Blogger and YouTuber, Wanjiru Njiru, has an easy, cool, elegant style. Whether rocking boyfriend jeans or a loose midi dress, she crushes it.

Mama Olive & Marley

Tatiana describes herself as ‘epicurean, tiny-human raiser, Kenyan, lifestyle, foodie, travel and wellness’ content creator- all of which are beautifully documented on her socials.

Soni Side Up

Soni ‘eats her way through Kenya and occasionally around the world’. Follow her to have a look. PS: Don’t do that on an empty stomach.

Lyra Aoko

Lyra is all types of great at documenting her photography in portraits, travel, and lifestyle on her socials as well as her blog.