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Kagiso Matlaisane's Big Moment At SA Fashion Week

Africa's streetwear designer is ready to take the world by storm

BY Goodwill Thomo

Oct 25, 2022, 09:43 AM

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Streetwear designer and the founder of fashion brand “Foy Bear” Kagiso Matlaisane, is ecstatic after showcasing her collection at the prestigious SA Fashion Week.

The fashion design graduate is determined to make her brand a household name and raise the SA flag high. Her work pushes the boundaries of what African fashion is.

She says it's a dream come true for her to showcase at the annual event since she started her streetwear brand in May.

With her AW23 collection, she interpreted spinning, a South African motorsport subculture that's the township-born version of drifting, with sustainable garments. The fusion of sustainable streetwear and her signature style was a hit at South African Fashion Week and we cannot wait to experience more of her work.

Yaza had a quick chat with her after shaking up the SA Fashion Week runway

1. How was showcasing at #SAFW?

It was one of the biggest opportunities of my life and the first opportunity for my brand which I started in May. This is my first runway show so I am celebrating a lot of things tonight.

2. What inspired you to design streetwear clothing?

I wear a lot of streetwear clothing its something that I am comfortable with and that I love. I love streetwear and comfortable clothing and usually men's wear.

3. What inspired your designs today?

Transformative fashion, but make it  streetwear and stylish because I am tired of boring fabrics. There are multiples ways of being sustainable and I wanted to explore that

Initially I wanted my collection to be 100% sustainable and  that was very difficult and expensive from a  designer point of view so I had to look at other ways of cutting costs so my clothes are sustainable and you cannot throw them away. You can  wear in more than one way."

3. Where did you get the Inspiration to be a fashion designer?

My dad's aunt, she used to sew and she was the only person in the family and I fell in love with fashion after she taught me how to saw and my mom taught me how to saw, so I was fascinated with how this is made so it started off with being curious.

4. Where do you want to take your brand?

I want my brand to be a new revolution in streetwear and to show the world that we do love our heritage, but now we are creating more heritage in streetwear. I want to take it to the world. The world is my oyster and I would like the world to see that we are fashion forward and we do have talent here.

4. What do you think about the fashion industry in Africa.

I feel like we are underrated, I feel like as much as we pay homage to our heritage its beautiful and I feel like we are lacking a futuristic parts of Africa. Like what is fashion as Wakanda looking like, we need to look forward instead of looking back. We are too relaxed and there is a lot that we can do.

What are you currently doing?

I am currently growing my brand because after COVID i was laid off work so my brand is my baby now.

Image Cred: Instagram