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6 Kenyan Women To Follow On Instagram

For your daily dose of fashion, positive vibes, and realness

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 20, 2022, 09:53 AM

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Social media can be draining sometimes with negative energy and keyboard bullies somedays we wonder why we bother. It seems like we could all use a daily dose of positivity, fashion, and beauty. So here's five women we love to follow and best of all, they're all Kenyan!

We're bringing you a peek into our favorite Instagram accounts, the accounts we go to when we need inspiration, fashion tips or to just have a good laugh.

Amber Ray

Other than the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous, you should be stalking Amber’s social media because she will crack you up. She has had those vile attacks by social media bullies directed at her in the past and she has found a way to turn it all around. You know the saying that says you shouldn’t take things written about you on the internet too seriously? Amber could have written it.

Throw mud at her and she will flip it around and you will be laughing with her in the end. Every second spent on her timeline is totally worth it.

Caroline Mutoko

A list like this one can’t exist unless the queen of radio is on it. She has been a radio host, she is a speaker, a content creator, and owner of a make-up line. There is nothing Caroline can’t do. She will not litter your timeline with posts but when she does post, it will be wisdom, grace, and beauty.

Also, she has managed to strike the balance between being wildly popular on social media without letting people in her private life. With close to half a million followers, it’s interesting how little is known about her love life and how we’ve only had glimpses of her private life. In her own words, people can’t destroy families and relationships they know nothing about.


Musician Esther Akoth simply does not care what netizens think about her. Esther will post a bikini video of herself at 6 am on Monday without a care in the world. Dare you try to shame her for it and you will regret waking up in the morning. She takes on trolls head-on.

My favorite thing about Esther is how refreshingly honest she is. In a world where women still hide their wealth for fear that they will be accused of being corrupt or of being kept by sugar daddies, Esther lives to flaunt her wealth. She is not afraid to flaunt her homes, cars, or companies. Whatever you make of it, she will remind you, is none of her business.

Diana Marua

For anything beauty related, to motherhood, to chasing the bag, you'll not miss it on Diana Marua's page. She is a force to reckon with, she goes for what she wants and she fights hard for her dreams. She is the epitome of working hard and smart. This year most especially has brought big wins for her and we are her for it. From owning a new home, courtesy of her husband Bahati, to being the brand ambassador of Phoina Beauty, a beauty brand by her close friend. She spreads positivity and radiates joy. You'll see her ever smiling, apart from the times she is emotional for her breakthroughs and touching stories that she covers on her YouTube channel. This are just but a few reasons why she is one to watch out for and follow. 

Chantelle Petit

Instagram is where we post all our pretty pictures of ourselves in perfect hair, outfits, and make-up, right? Well, Chantelle posts content of her actual everyday life and you will love her for it.

She is 100 percent authentic and her content is relatable. She had a difficult delivery and recovery after she had her daughter two years ago and she was candid about her struggles. If she is having a bad day or is struggling with womanhood as we all do, she is honest about it. She may be what we all need in a world where most of us are working hard to hide our struggles. Oh, and her relationship with her adorable daughter is goals!

Beatrice Waithira

You need a dose of Beatrice Waithira on your timeline every morning. Gorgeous and bubbly, she brings self-love, fashion, and inspiration with her. She is exactly what every woman needs for a best friend if she could handle all of us.

Fortunately, we can all get to share a part of her beautiful life by following her on Instagram. Beatrice shares awesome content on body positivity, styling different body types, and thought-provoking quotes on life.

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