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Bringing Authenticity To Social Media

More influencers connecting with followers through authenticity

BY Julia QA

Mar 29, 2022, 10:43 PM

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On the quest of remaining true to herself, Zimkita Mbete is forging her own path. The social media influencer has recently collaborated with two fashion designers, Hadassah Bhero and Zoliswa Mbadu in efforts to bring authenticity to social media and the fashion industry. 

Talking about what staying true to herself means to her and how she does it, Mbete says she does this by always being true to herself - her values and beliefs and understanding everyone’s path is different. 
“I just need to embrace every step. As hard as it may be sometimes, I promised myself to face it until I make it rather than faking it until I make it." 
She said it’s important for a social media influencer to build a foundation based on trust, understanding, and loyalty because honesty is the best policy, especially when building relationships with followers. 

She said she believes that genuine and authentic content can still go viral on social media as people engage more with relatable and honest content because everyone knows that nothing and no one is perfect.

To achieve this, she said people need to be more honest on social media.
“Know yourself and always remain true to you, set goals that align to who you are and what you want to achieve, always be honest, admit your mistakes and have a good support system around you.” 

The two designers who’ve worked with the influencer on the liquifruit campaign have created a unique summer fashion range, showing their authenticity through their very own “Swag Kit”, using taste, the texture, the fruits used, and the colour palate of the packaging to inspire their designs.

Mbete said she was grateful to be part of this campaign because the brand has allowed them to be who they are. 
“I love what the brand is about and what it represents. I love what this campaign is about, pushing realness above everything and that it encourages everyone to live by their own true colours, embracing what is real in the world and themselves.” 

Liquifruit marketing manager, Paul Moloi, had shared that they were excited about this partnership. He said the designers' approach to social media is authentic and this, in turn, resonates with their followers. 
"We are encouraged by their sense of honesty and realness and it’s why we chose to work with them. The final collections are simply stunning with each of them remaining true to their unique sense of creativity.”