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AFWL 2022: What To Look Out For

Bring on the style & glamour

BY Agnes Amondi

Oct 07, 2022, 09:14 AM

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Africa Fashion Week London is here and we couldn’t be more excited. The best of Africa is going to be represented by some of the continent's biggest brands and personalities. If you want to know who these are, then you’ve come to the right place. 

First things first, we cannot forget to mention Nigerian fashion entrepreneur Ronke Ademiluyi, the brains behind the event. She founded the platform in 2011 to bring awareness to the continent's designers and creatives. 

After a two-year break, these are the faces you will see at this year’s Africa Fashion Week London.

Zozibini Tunzi


Don’t we all love her? The South African model and actress, crowned Miss Universe in 2019 will catwalk down the aisle at the Free Masons Hall. Since she stepped onto the world stage, she’s been a keen promoter of African culture
Fondly referred to as Zozi Tunzi, her natural flare wows people, particularly in a world where European beauty standards have permeated most societies. She’s stated that her desire is to mirror black girls and that she is proud she’s largely managed to achieve that. 

Fumi Desalu-Vold

Fumi Desalu-Vold is a Russian-born supermodel of West African descent. She has graced some of the most prestigious runways in the fashion world including London, New York, Paris & Milan. 
She’s also worked with brand name magazines like Essence and Vogue for which she offered beauty tips and E! Entertainment Golden Globes fashion analysis. Desalu-Vold runs a YouTube channel where she talks about anything and everything fashion. 

Ade Bakare

Ade Bakare Designs
The Nigerian designer will showcase his latest collection Ayinla which is inspired by a film and the clothing line Adire. His designs have been praised for being classic yet modern. Ade Bakare started in 2006 after he started experimenting with how to add a richer feel and look to fabrics. He has since graced some of the biggest fashion events in the world. 

Knits&Bobs. KRL

Kireen is the brains behind the design Knits&Bobs.KRL. Her passion for knitting started in childhood after her grandmother taught her how to do it. She now does it everywhere and is an advocate of affordable, handmade and slow fashion that’s natural and sustainable. 


Nigerian-based designer Florentina Agu is behind this fashion label. Her interest in fashion started in childhood and has now made a full-blown career out of it. She makes clothes for ambitious women because she wants them to feel empowered every day as they go about their business. 

Hertunba means a woman of style and elegance and that is what Florentina is keen on delivering. Also, she is keen on sustainability and her business observes this. 

This is not all. There'll be more designers and exhibitors at the Africa Fashion Week London so there's plenty to look out for.