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3 Must-Have Clothing Pieces That’ll Upgrade Your OOTD

These items are the superstars of any woman’s closet

BY Naledi K

Jun 01, 2021, 04:58 PM

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No matter where you place yourself on the fashionista/stylish ratings as women, the one thing we all have in common is our desire to look good. Your outfit of the day (OOTD) says a lot about you in different spaces and while our wardrobes differ, these three items I’m about to list are worth investing in, if you want to stand out.

The way you assemble your outfit often leaves a statement in the world, it expresses your feelings, your mood and your general aesthetic. 
Whether your style is laid back or fashion-forward, these items have the X factor needed to upgrade an outfit and take it from drab to absolutely fabulous.

A Pair Of Stilettos 

Let me just say it because I know you are thinking it… stilettos look amazing but they truly remain deeply wanting where comfort is concerned. However, as far as upgrades go, stilettos or high heels really scores the most points.

You can wear whatever you want to wear - I’m talking your little black dress, your jeans and even your jogger - if you pair it with a pair of these high heels it will automatically be transformed into a fabulous outfit. Stilettos just have that effect! Therefore no woman’s closet is ever truly complete without a pair.
They don’t even have to be 6-inch heels or those intimidating ones that look like they were created for ballerinas. You can buy a really
good quality pair of wearable, classic, and simple heels and they will literally be there for you through every season and every event of your life. I don’t take for granted that walking in heels is a skill but there is a life hack for those of us who just aren’t stiletto girls. The hack is kitten heels or block heels or wedges. If you have trouble walking in tall shoes, do what you need to do to stay comfortable. The key to looking fabulous is staying poised, and honey, that is impossible to do if your feet are killing you!

A Black/Bold Colour, Perfectly Sized Blazer

Blazers look fantastic over almost any item in your closet. Blazers perfect and polish any outfit into classy and timeless perfection. Do you want to upgrade your plain jeans and white shirt outfit? Add a blazer. Do you want to upgrade your LBD? Add a blazer. 

Here’s the trick though, for the blazer to do its job, it needs to be the perfect fit.
Do you know why suit designers always emphasize the importance of a good fit? It is because how a clothing item fits you goes a long way in determining whether the item looks good or bad on you. The sleeves need to hit right at your wrists, and the shoulders have enough room to layer underneath. The front should be fitted, but not pulled out around your chest.
Don’t confuse this with a fashion trend such as wearing an oversize blazer or an unstructured blazer.

A Classic Crisp White Shirt

For everything that this item does for any outfit, it is a part of, the white shirt is simply underrated. However, one can never dispute the power of a simple white shirt. It works with everything and instead of taking over the outfit it helps all the other items shine!

The classic crisp white shirt is a team player and that’s what makes it a star. You could be going to the office or going for an interview, or you could be doing a late lunch with your BFF or even just looking polished for a nice dinner anytime soon, this shirt would work.

It plays nice no matter what you match up with - I’m talking skirt, jeans and even leggings - and it always elevates the ensemble. The white shirt is worth splurging on or even having more than one in your closet because the potential combinations are endless.