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Why We Hired Pauline Katethya

We are so excited you are joining us

BY Joan Thatiah

Feb 09, 2021, 12:41 PM

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So I am the veteran of YAZA KENYA ( I started Day One) and now here we are Day 8, and I am thrilled to introduce our newest writer - Pauline Katethya.

And I am even more thrilled (and slightly jealous) that at her tender young age, Pauline is going to have a chance to write here, and share her amazing wit and wisdom and writing with the world! 

At her age, I was slaving away at a place I'd rather not mention.

So why did we hire Pauline and why are we thrilled to have her?

Well Pauline showed up 2 hours early for her interview after a two hour commute.

You'd think this would go without saying but last week we interviewed and interviewed and people strolled in 15, 20, 25 minutes late. One woman was 30 minutes late and then shared that she lives 15 minutes away.

Pauline politely but firmly knew her worth and asked for it the right way.

But more than anything, we love the way Pauline writes and you will too - these are some of the pearls that she shared with us - that we are sharing with you.

And I would never divulge a lady's age but let's just say when I got my dog, she was still in primary school and my dog is not old.

Shit happens to you even when you have a shit shield on.

Hahahahaha. Yep, that's true - I have had my shit shield, shit pants and matchin' shit shoes, and it... has... not... helped.

You can’t raise a man out of a boy and vice versa.

I have shoes older than this woman and she writes that? Damm. 

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. 

See above note on shoes - where does this girl get this at her age? Wow.

And then my personal favourite:

There is a reason for our existence. Even if it’s to eat bananas.

Pauline, welcome to YAZA KENYA. We can't wait to see you grow, write, and become the superstar we know you will be. Just don't forget me when you are famous? Promise?