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A Glimpse Into Annie Ludick's Glamorous Life

The RHOD star on empowering women & stepping into her power

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Apr 20, 2022, 12:39 AM

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Annie Ludick is a woman on a mission to help us become empowered, here she's spilling the tea on life as a TV star, businesswoman and inspiration

The Real Housewives of Durban has had us all glued to our screens since coming to Showmax earlier this year - but behind the glitz and the glamour are real women juggling business with families and personal ambition with relationships.
Annie Ludick
Your career progression has been impressive, what was the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice is definitely to follow your intuition. Your gut feeling is normally the correct stance on the matter.

You run four businesses - how do you manage your time and what was the turning point that made you realize the importance of delegation?

I make a daily list where I put items of the highest importance at the top and work down that list. This assists me with deciding where my attention is required for the day and also helps me manage my day better. Working as a team or “delegating” is something I have always strongly believed in. I believe my staff should understand exactly what is happening in the business so that they can make informed decisions for the business. They are in the loop so this makes delegation very easy for me.
"I believe part of my purpose is to lift young women into their power."
Do you believe in mentorship and do you try to be a role model to young women in business?

I believe part of my purpose is to lift young women into their power. I have taken on many mentees and assisted them to understand their power, to give them a means of income, and up-skilled them so that they can be self-reliant.
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Any woman who's successful in business becomes a role model for young women, how do you feel about that responsibility?

I do not feel like it is a responsibility to show young women that their dreams are possible, in fact, it's very important to me to help young women realize that they are powerful and that they can achieve their dreams.

You've spoken about the personal experience that led you to open your beauty salon?

A beauty salon is a space that builds self-love. It helps women and men find things to love about themselves. Having beauty treatments done psychologically improves your mood, mindset, and life. I owned a dance fitness studio and I wanted to build a “Wellness Centre” where women could come for an alternative fitness session, such as a dance class and it could be followed up with a pamper session. Women are so busy trying to push through the patriarchal ceiling that we barely have enough time to fit in time for ourselves to de-stress, get fit, and groom; the space I dreamed of made it easy to combine these 3 needs.
"Women are so busy trying to push through the patriarchal ceiling that we barely have enough time to fit in time for ourselves."
What's next for you career-wise?

I am currently in the process of franchising Annaesthetic Beauty Studio. Within the next 2 years, Annaesthetic will have four stores open nationally. I run a 360 agency called “WeDo Marketing” where we create the means for brands to reach their target markets, this agency is currently busy with extremely exciting work and I know we will grow into a multi-national agency over the next five years.
Annie Ludick
What was your proudest work moment?

I have many proud moments, I feel that it's extremely important to always congratulate yourself on your wins big or small. I think I am most proud of my growth from a dancer to a multi-business owner. What people don’t realize is that every single stage of your journey is important to reaching your end goal and beyond. Just because I come from a dance background doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything in that space that has contributed to my successes. In fact, the foundation of being a dancer/creative has helped me more than even going to university or any other learning environment.

Running a business isn't all glamour, are people surprised to realize how involved you are in the business?

I don’t think people are surprised. I'm very passionate about everything that I do. It's important for me to understand every aspect of my business and to have the final say over every product that comes out of it. My businesses are built on my personal brand and have to be aligned.

The 30 year old mother of three is making great strides in her life in terms of business and her career as a reality tv star. She calls herself Mrs. Annbition which is a true definition of who she is because she is ambitious. She is definitely goals for most of us ladies.