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Create Multiple Income Streams With Your Talents

Secure the bag sis!

BY Naledi K

Apr 22, 2022, 01:08 AM

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Life keeps costing more and more, right? So, no matter how hard you are working and how much money you are making, making more money is always an enticing concept.
The truth is, your quest for financial freedom may need you to get one, two or three additional income streams but lucky for you, we know just the thing to get you started!

Now as with most money-related things, you will need to put in the extra work and long hours, so we'll start you off with a great real-life example to inspire you. Depending on when you were born, you know Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung for a different talent than what he may be relevant for at the moment.

If you are part of the 80s gang, you know the actor and dancer Somizi, who was part of Sarafina! the international stage musical and that was later turned into a popular film. The early 90s gang may know him more as a choreographer - in our time SomG was bagging all the huge music awards and festival choreographing gigs. The late 90s and early 2000s hybrid gang may know the Somizi who was sweating it out on a home exercise DVD after realising that dance is exercise and he may as well get into that market.

After that, Somizi the brand then introduced us to drag queen Madam GiGi. Then his personality and knowledge of music got him a set on Idols SA where he’s been helping to scout SA’s best singers. In addition to all that, he has a reality show, he has a shoe collaboration, has a cookbook, a cooking/talk show, he’s on the radio, he’s featured on chart-topping songs and he has plans to open a restaurant… among other things!

Things keep looking up for Somizi as he keeps securing the bag with his talents. Even though for a while he had taken a break from it all, "Somizi is back with a glittering BANG", as he stated on his social media. He is back and ready to shine, as he is about to grace our Tvs from 8th April with a new talk show, Downtime with Somizi. The talk show is set be aired on DSTV, 1Magictv and it is intended to offer its viewers a deeper glance into some of the most celebrated and famous individuals in South Africa. This comes not long after another new show on DSTV's Moja Love channel, that Somizi hosts alongside Gabisile Tshabalala, debuted on Saturday 19th March. The name of the show is Lovey Dovey, which is a reality dating show. It seems that things just keep getting better and better for Somizi.

What we get from that young bio is that Somizi is multi-faceted and multi-talented but more than that, the guy is aware of his skills and capabilities. He takes time to nurture them and then finds a way to make money out of them. And that’s the plug, the multiple income streams you’ve been dreaming of are all already inside you - at least to some degree.

Most human beings have more talent and skill than they realise and are literally sleeping on themselves. Other talents have been lying dormant inside you for years, while you may have been passing off a useful, money-making skill as “just a hobby” or putting off nurturing a skill because “it’s just a silly passion!” This is the wake-up call you’ve been waiting on.
Here what you need to do, asap!


This is obvious but is the most important step because if you don’t know yourself how will you know what you are capable of?

List Your Skills

This is not a list of what you are qualified to do. It’s a list of God-given gifts and talents (such as amazing interpersonal skills or public speaking or singing or) or things you just know how to do (like how you can make your own clothes because grandma used to sew) or weird brainy stuff (like how you know everything about comics or soccer or you’ve become a Harry Potter expert) or all the stuff you are really good at but you do them just for fun like (baking or cooking or mixing drinks or beating your face or creating apps or writing children’s storybooks etc.)

Figure Out How To Make Money

This is the hard part because it mostly requires research and consulting other people who may be ahead of you. After listing your skills, you have to figure out how much you enjoy doing that thing, first. Then work out how valuable those things are to society and if people would buy that skill/service from you.

Would a person pay to hear you sing? Offer your vocals as a service or become a part-time backup artist. Always been told you have a voice for radio? Try your hand at doing voice overs. The process will take time and some of the things you listed may need you to nurture them a bit more before you can “sell” them. Other items on the list things may be dead ends but others could become lucrative side hustles and get you your bag!

So what are you waiting for sis, channel your inner Somizi and go get your rich aunty status with your skills and talents!