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7 Kenyan Podcasts You Need In Your Life

For a laugh, banter or much-needed conversations

BY Karen Muriuki

Apr 02, 2021, 05:07 PM

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Truthfully? Podcasts weren’t my favorite thing until a few years back- well, a year and a half ago, if we’re being precise.

I felt that they were boring and that they weren’t my thing, you know? But I simply didn’t know that there were diverse topics to cover, as I later came to realize. There’re categories for everyone: society and culture, comedy, news, education, business, health, and fitness. I’m especially into crime, productivity, and wellness.

That changed my pass-time completely because I’ll be on the Podcast app on my phone on my commute to and from work, while making dinner, or even while in the shower.

Learning of the many Kenyan podcasts was more intriguing because the stories hit home.

That said, here are some Kenyan podcasts you should be listening to.

50 First Coffees

Hosted by Marsha Aida, 50 First Coffees is a collection of fifty amazingly candid conversations over a cup of Joe with fellow driven, curious and ambitious, established and aspiring entrepreneurs and creators - honestly sharing their stories, their wildest dreams, their wins and losses, their purpose, unique insights, what keeps them up at night, what legacies they are busy building out here, their regrets, their 'Aha' moments... and so much more.
Fifty First Coffees

Surviving Nairobi

Funny, irreverent, ground-breaking, genre-defying, and award-winning are all things that one day may be used to describe this show but for now, Surviving Nairobi is just two Nairobians in their twenties, and guests, of course, talking about navigating life through the city and many other things (mainly many other things).
Surviving Nairobi
They say, “So, join us on this journey even though for sure we do not know where we are heading.”

The Spread

‘The Spread’ is the podcast dedicated to "decolonizing" the way Africans talk about sex and sexuality, say its creator Karen Kaz Lucas. It covers a range of diverse topics including The Male-Female Pleasure Gap, Sex-positive parenting, LGBTQIA+ issues, Kink, Reproductive Rights, and Porn vs. Reality, has listeners ranging from 6,000 to 21,000
The Spread Podcast

It’s Related, I Promise

A sonic escape into the world of three diverse Kenyan women: Muthoni Muchiri, Julia Gaitho, and Sharon Machira. They are young professionals, braving the urban landscape of Kenya's capital city and growing their friendship as they go along. Sharing their experiences as millennials living in the most dynamic continent; Africa on It's Related, I Promise.
It's Related, I Promise

Legally Clueless

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast created by media personality & social activist Adelle Onyango. It documents different stages of the unique human journeys of everyday African people.
Legally Clueless
The podcast features #100AfricanStories, a segment where Africans from all over the world share authentic stories that let us into their world and their experiences. Legally Clueless provides Africans with agency over their own stories and the portrayal of Africa.

Paukwa Stories

Paukwa Stories are audio stories that celebrate the people, products, and platforms of Kenya and shine a spotlight on the everyday builders of the nation.
Paukwa Stories


Afracanah is a fun, energetic lifestyle and culture podcast hosted by two women that primarily focuses on the African diaspora experience on the continent. The hosts dive easily into topics such as current affairs, Africa’s tech space, development issues, inspirational women, and navigating the world of dating, culture, and music.

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