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Six Make Up Tips We Learnt From Tik Tok

Makeup tips that will have you saying “Yasss honey!”

BY Naledi K

Apr 21, 2022, 09:44 PM

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Other than being a platform for ama2000 to start dancing challenges only they can do, TikTok has become a hub of useful information and much-needed life hacks - including makeup tips we didn't even know we needed.

As with every social media platform that pops up, it only takes us a few visits before we figure out if it's for keeps or for the bin. Needless to say, TikTok has won the hearts of many globally. Whether they actually participate or if they’re anything like me, only log on to watch other people’s amazing and entertaining creative videos, there's something for us all.

Most importantly though, TikTok helps you find your people; the one or several communities you identify with and one of the most awesome of these groups is the #MakeUpCommunity which has tips that will have you saying “Where have you been my whole life!”

There are tonnes of tips for every stage of beating your face and below are five of the most mind-blowing tips we’ve come across so far.

Now obviously if you are a professional makeup artist, you already know all these golden tricks but for the rest of us, we promise one or all of these makeup tips will blow your mind too.

How to put a light concealer on your eyelid 

Want your eyeshadow to pop? Then this is for you. There is no way I can infuse the hilarious but fascinating accent I heard when I first heard this video, which made me save it to my phone and then watch it 20 thousand more times, so believe me when I say the original creator is super entertaining.

More entertaining is the fact that if you want to help the pigment/colour of your eyeshadow colours pop, do not put the eyeshadow powder on your bare skin! As the good sis says, it will not pop!

i did a full face but those videos are boring. Posting this one only bc i peeped my cousin was having eyeshadow issues😂 @loddyleech this is 4u

♬ original sound - stacyyyyy

How changing the order of your routines helps

I don't know how the order of your basic makeup routine goes, but for mine, it used to be; moisturize, prime, do the eyebrows and eyeshadows, put on foundation, contour, highlight and bronze, put on your powder(s) then set the whole thing with spray… more or less. 

However, thanks to TikTok I’ve switched up the order and please believe me when I say that the results are worth it because my makeup is perfect and long-lasting.
What was the switch up you ask… well, putting on your moisturizer then putting on fluorescent powder (not too much just dab a lil) then putting some setting spray and letting it dry. That’s it! That's the magic trick.

After the setting spray dries, you then put on your primer and go about your routine as you usually would. However, look out for the end result and how flawless you will look at the end of it all as well as just how amazing your foundation will sit on your face, the whole day without even creasing. Magical I tell you.

I tried❤️😂 ##thebomb ##fyp ##foryоu ##xyzbca ##makeup

♬ original sound - Jarida🖤

The brows need some geometry darling!

Now, this might be some bad news for all of us “anti-mathematics” huns because the next TikTok makeup hack says that the right and slaying eyebrows are found in applying the right geometry. Unless you’ve already mastered the techniques learnt on YouTube or are blessed with naturally slaying eyebrows, all you need is to know where to start, where to peak and curve and finally where the line needs to end and you’ve got it.

I can show you better than I can tell you so...

Reply to @lwazi.magags This was a challenge doing it on cam thou🥺But I had fun shame😂##fyp ##Eyebrowtutorial♥️ ##Biginnerfriendly ##Makeup ##Zeemngadi

♬ original sound - stacyyyyy

However, for us the “anti-mathematics”, TikTok has made it easier for us by including an eyebrow filter created by a TikToker, that outlines where and how to start, where the arch needs to be and where the line needs to end. The filter is surprisingly doing the job, as for those who have tried it have ended up saying that they love the end result.
@cynthi_yahvibes IB:@DenisovaViktoria Perfect Eyebrow with this Filter♥️ #eyebrows #eyebrowonfleek #eyebrowfilter #fypシ #eyebrowtutorialforbeginners #eyebrow ♬ Ela Já Tá Louca - Anderson Neiff & John Johnis

Vaseline is the plug for that cut-crease

Petroleum jelly (or Vaseline as we South Africans call every other brand of petroleum jelly). This product is already a star for us African in the beauty and skincare department but we bet you didn’t know that you can use it to achieve the “wet” or glossy eyeshadow look. And… ever the multi-tasking babe, Vaseline will also help you achieve a cut crease eyeshadow look… yes you read that right!

Reply to @k.xmx.g Yes! It changed my cut crease game to the next level. ##tiktokhacks ##makeuptips ##tipforyou

♬ Secret(remix) - The Pierces

The magic that is in the clear liquid lip gloss 

You may or may not already know this already, but sis… the clear liquid lip gloss will never go out of fashion. That’s the hack… it’s as simple as that.

When in doubt, dab that lil fairy liquid on your lip and you will always be good to go. You can choose to live a little and put some lip pencil and create a “lip border” or just put some colour there for some extra drama or sass, however, you have already been blessed with the perfect lips so just go on and shine. Clear lip gloss and African queens are a match made in heaven… I promise the proof is on Tik Tok.

Y’all know my secret now, Pmo to your favorite chocolate girl lip liner in the comments🥺##fyp##Blackgirls##lipgloss ##makeuptutorial##makeupforblackwomen

♬ original sound - Tik Toker

The contouring game has changed 

It seems we have been countering slightly above where one should counter. There is this TikTok filter that outlines where one should contour and let me tell you, it speaks the truth. You can note the difference it makes when you use the filter, in comparison to the way you were used to countering. However, it leaves you wondering where the blush will go, but looks like even when combined with blush, it still works. If you don't believe me, try it out and share your thoughts on it.
@makeupbytrivara Trying the viral cheek contour filter! #makeup #beauty #contour #muatiktok #blackmakeupartists #supportblackcreators #beforeandafter #blacktiktok #cheekcontour ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

There are plenty more tips where these come from, you just need a Tik Tok account, some data (because you may take a few detours in that huge world or entertaining content and end up learning an amapiano dance) and time (be careful it’s addictive)… 

It will help you to follow #MakeUp or related hashtags to narrow down the relevant videos. Enjoy!

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