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Dealing With Pigmentation

A big concern with Black skin, how you treat pigmentation can make all the difference

BY Amahle Melokuhle

Dec 13, 2021, 01:19 PM

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We know that pigmentation is a big concern for Black skin, taking the form of dark spots or the darkening of an area - when it strikes pigmentation can fast become your biggest skin concern.

But like all skin concerns, before we learn how we can fight and treat pigmentation, we need to understand how it is formed.

A common word you encounter while talking about pigmentation is melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin its colour and there are multiple factors that can alter the production of melanin in the body. Some of the common ones include hormonal imbalances (pregnancy), sun exposure and acne scarring. It is this excess production of melanin that causes pigmentation in our skin.

How fast your skin produces melanin is determined by an enzyme called tyrosinase as it is what carries melanin to the upper layers of the skin. Which means, if you want unwanted pigmentation to disappear, you need to block tyrosinase's pathways. Put simply, if tryosinase can't get melanin to the skin then pigmentation won't appear - but, you need to tackle pigmentation at every stage of its life cycle which means production as well as pathways. Or, simply put, preventation as well as cure. 

For preventative measures, the faster you inhibit tyrosinase activity the less chance it will surface and form on the skin.

Preventing Pigmentation

This is most commonly done by using Tyrosinase Inhibitors Ingredients. The most common ingredient is hydroquinone, however the side effects can be dryness, redness and skin irritation which can lead to post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Aside from hydroquinone, there are other ingredients that are much more well tolerated by the skin and just as effective. Like those found in the products below.

We love: Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Serum
This year-round serum corrects and prevents dark spots as it evens skin tone and illuminates the complexion.
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Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Removing Pigmentation 

But, what about the pigmentation that is already formed? How do we get rid of it and hide it as we go about our day to day business? Well, by choosing products that disguise and fight pigmentation every day. You need products that both calm the signs of pigmentation and tackle the root causes.

We love: Noreva Iklen Anti-Brown Spot Serum
Developed for fast, intensive alleviation of brown spots on the face, hands and chest, IKLEN® Anti-Brown Spot Serum acts deep down and effectively slows the production of melanin. Brown spots linked to photoageing, hormone variations or due to reaction are visibly lightened and reduced. This serum is bery well-tolerated even by the most sensitive skin and it's safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
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Day To Day Care

A consistent regime consisting of pigmentation blockers, localised options and SPF will keep unwanted pigmentation at bay.

Pigmentation blockers
To prevent additional damage, choosing skincare that actively blocks the production and delivery of melanin is the most effective way to manage pigmentation.

We love: Noreva Iklen Mélano Expert Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate
Especially designed to act at the source of the mechanisms responsible for skin pigmentation, IKLEN® Mélano-Expert Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate reduces brown spots. Thanks to the sustained diffusion of active ingredients, the highly-concentrated formula and its targeted action, the skin is once more radiant and glowing and the complexion is evened.
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Noreva Iklen Mélano Expert Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate

Localised options
If you're worried about specific pigmentation then opting for products that will target that specific area is the best way to prevent and disguise.

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Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Eye Contour Care
Tinted eye contour cream that has an anti dark circle, anti-wrinkle and anti undereye bag action. It also helps to fade dark pigmentation under the eyes.
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Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Eye Contour Care
Prevention is the best cure. The best way to eliminate hyperpigmentation is to prevent it in the first place! So eliminate sun exposure where possible and always remember to wear a hat and cover exposed skin during hot days. Sunscreen should always be applied, even in winter. UVA rays that cause wrinkles, premature aging and pigmentation are just as strong, all year round!

We love: Noreva Trio White XP SPF 50+ Anti-Dark Spot Care
An SPF of 50+ is recommended for daily use, and this very high protection cream reduces and prevents dark spots, helps regenerate the skin and illuminates the complexion. It contains a trio of UV filters and anti-blue light protection. Use as a daily moisturiser/sunscreen.
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Noreva Trio White XP SPF 50+ Anti-Dark Spot Care
UV Protector
With these active ingredients working to prevent the melanin from surfacing, our skin can become sensitised and UV rays can exacerbate any pigmentation issue and undermine all that hard work from the brightening serum. When choosing foundation or a CC creme, make sure to choose one that contains skincare ingredients.

We love: Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème
Iklen+ CC Crème Anti-ageing and Anti-dark Spot Unifying Day Cream is the first product to correct signs of ageing + age spots, while smoothing and moisturising the skin. It is particularly recommended for skin with pigmentation issues.
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