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3 Things To Remember On Days You Feel Ugly

We all have those ugly days

BY Vongai Mbara

Feb 01, 2023, 10:51 AM

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Orione Conceição

Our society places such heavy demands on appearance, and as a result, many people struggle with low self-confidence. Well-tailored clothing, hours of hair and makeup artists, and the occasional airbrush or filters are used to meet the media's standards of beauty. In addition,  pictures of famous people, models, and Instagram influencers resembling expertly crafted fiction rather than reality are plastered all over the media, sending a chilling knife down the spine of our confidence.

It's simple to get sucked into comparing oneself to these pictures. However, keep in mind that many people you encounter do not always appear like they do in photographs. Here is what to do on those days you just feel ugly and your confidence is on the low.

Everybody Experiences Periods Of Feeling Ugly.

Everyone has moments of weakness when they have a pessimistic outlook on life and their inner voice becomes critical and unloving. Occasionally, we may feel ugly and unpleasant. It happens to the best of us. There will be days when you don't see anything flattering in yourself when you look in the mirror. You don't see the devoted partner, the thoughtful mother, or the perceptive friend you are. You fail to recognize the power of stretch marks, the beauty of your body's curves, or the wisdom in old age wrinkles.
When you feel self-conscious, pause and think about these things: Does my mood have any bearing on how I feel about my appearance? Have I had enough sleep and exercise lately? Have I been eating healthfully and exercising frequently? Because your positive energy simply manifests in your mirror image, self-care is crucial.

The Standards Of Beauty Set By The Media Are Unreal.

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The media has been working for years to create a 
dazzling image of what a perfect man and woman should look like. The idea that you can only look attractive if you have a toned figure, great hair, and flawless complexion has been reinforced in mainstream media through television programs, advertising, magazine adverts, and celebrity culture.

But in actuality, you simply don't. Why? Because there is no such thing as perfection. It is surface-level. It can't be done. Even the models themselves don't resemble the excessively altered, heavily manipulated photographs. It's understandable why you fall short when you contrast yourself with famous people and cover models of magazines.

You feel exhausted trying to seem flawless. You start to believe that you're not attractive enough, too big, too little, or whatever. All of this is to indicate that you are insufficient. At least, that's what the beauty industry would have you believe. You're more inclined to purchase whatever remedy the advertisements are pushing if you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Whether it's a weight loss program, a piece of clothing, or a beauty product, making you feel self-conscious about your body sells.

Are you going to alter how society views beauty? No. You can, however, alter your own. Focus on the beauty you see in the real-life people you admire rather than the beauty you see in advertisements.

You Can Accept The Aspects Of Yourself That You Despise.

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The initial step toward developing a more optimistic outlook is admitting that there are aspects of your body that you don't like. It's about accepting that certain bodily parts may make you feel "meh," but it's also about not allowing that stop you from living the life you want to live. You're okay even though you're not flawless. We often avoid enjoying ourselves because we believe we don't deserve to. Simple necessities of life somehow transform into unreachable "rewards."

Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and keep in mind all the other qualities you appreciate about yourself. Allow yourself to accept the possibility that not everything of your body may be your favorite body part. Not all of your physical parts will always make you happy. Even on the days when you can't love your tummy, you can still love your life.